Serve The World

We will make a meaningful and relational impact on our city and the world, specifically in the areas of homelessness and housing, education and poverty.


Charlotte Family Housing

Use two duplexes on the Christ Church campus to provide transitional housing for working families, partnering with Charlotte Family Housing


Rama Road – Literacy

Support literacy efforts at Rama Road Elementary (identified as a priority by school principal) by providing Reader’s Workshop training and materials


Rama Road – Freedom School

Continue partnership with Christ Lutheran to provide Freedom School summer program for children at Rama Road Elementary and McClintock Middle School; explore sponsoring independent Freedom School


Rama Road–Community Center Partnership

Explore partnership with Christ Lutheran, CMS and other nonprofits to develop a Community Center at the current McClintock Middle School facility


Duff, Tennessee

Explore opportunities to deepen and expand our relationship with Duff families


Glory Ridge, North Carolina

: Make a more meaningful impact with broader participation and more frequent visits


Episcopal Farm workers Ministry

Partner with Diocesan efforts to provide materials and/or financial assistance, volunteers and visits to migrant farm workers in Eastern  North Carolina


International Mission

  • Costa Rica: Deepen relationship with Hogar Escuela Heredia school and support renovation of existing church structure to facilitate ministry in downtown San Jose (identified as a priority by Bishop Monterosso)
  • Botswana: Continue to expand our companion relationship with the Diocese of Botswana
  • Haiti: Explore opportunities for mission work in Haiti – potentially partnering with By Grace Alone Ministries and/or Mission of Hope Haiti
  • Ethiopia: Explore opportunities for partnership in Ethiopia – potentially partnering with Water is Life International and SIM/Sports Friends
  • Missionary Support: Explore financially and prayerfully supporting two missionary families